Arts by M – 2

The timing of Joy is the number of laps you move to humor the ecstatic and erratic events we face head-on. Mental health is the wheels of steel that are essential to being on track. I myself crash often and I know many who hold the hurt, as I do myself sometimes Joy is an art installation that conveys how we must move ahead with the support of our own convictions, as we are the fuel. Support is like being towed and we all can have that, but I wish for myself and you a life of conviction and being on track. The materials used are mostly recycled, representing how we will always be carrying recycled versions of ourselves and how we make them work and play to give us the thrill of life really matters.
Dedicated to my late wife who always towed me when I crashed. Afroze may have shifted to the tracks of heaven during the pandemic, yet I hear her cheer each lap I take.
Munawwar Shari & Desigm LLP.

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