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Arts by M – 4

Look beyond the chaos for the minds shall shine beyond the barbed wires. The artist M has written MuVik in the most different times of his life.This art, now acquired by a collector, finds exhibited in Mumbai.

Arts by M – 3

Happiness comes in different forms and the artist expresses it with canvas.Each circle signifies the existence of us and how some people we meet touch us adding color in our lives.

Arts by M – 2

The timing of Joy is the number of laps you move to humor the ecstatic and erratic events we face head-on. Mental health is the wheels of steel that are essential to being on track. I myself crash often and I know many who hold the hurt, as I do myself sometimes Joy is an …

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Science museum with soft play area and role play areas, this assignment even included a selection of equipment abroad, extensive design, and working with the NCC Ltd team to build this. The name PLABO was suggested by us during one of our international trips with the client and this is a must-visit place for kids …

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